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Oops I camwhored

Two nights ago I was able to properly top him. We’ve tried in the past, but he refused to clean himself. I told him later it wasn’t that I minded strap ons, I minded poop. So I bought some douches and left him to it.

The lube was cumbersome because it got sticky after a while. I used Astroglide, but it turns out neither of us really need it. Well, I do when I get to the large end of tapered anal beads, but a normal-length dildo or cock is fine without lube.

I fingered him first, and I’m glad I did. He told me to slow down a few times, but once I was in by the third knuckle he seemed used to it. He didn’t realize I was fingering him until I started to put on the strapon. He seemed mildly concerned.

It took me a bit to aim properly. Once I started easing in, he breathed and took the cock better than I had. It was smaller than his cock is though, by about two inches, but thicker. I’d guess 5 inches. Once I’d settled into him I had to rearrange so my legs weren’t in the way. I kept sliding backwards while I was thrusting.

I obviously couldn’t feel where my cock was in him, so I slid out a few times. After the third or fourth time we were about to give up, but we finally found a rhythm. He’s considerably bigger than me so I had to press myself against my chest to get enough leverage, but I could feel his cock hard between our bellies. My clit rubbed against the base of the strapon and I tried not to be too aroused, but I orgasmed and after that I was done, embarrassed and still unsure of how to position myself.

Occasionally he’d shift his hips up against me and find his prostate himself, moaning and gasping. He liked it, but was having difficulty keeping his legs up. He preferred being fucked on his back because of the angle of my cock.

The whole thing was awkward, but we laughed a lot and had fun. I told him I’d keep trying. He insisted it was good, just I wasn’t pulling out far enough in the end and his legs were getting tired from holding them up. 

Occasionally I get can orgasm just from penetration. I suppose today wasn’t only penetration because we 69’d first, the first time in a while. We’re rather vanilla in terms in positions, but mostly because we don’t have time for more.

I felt so good I was having a hard time putting him in because I could feel myself cumming the further down I sank on him. I had to start, stop, shift my hips, breathe and sink a little lower. I felt like his cock went on forever and when he was finally fully inside of me I was whimpering.

I didn’t last long after that; A few shifts of my hips, pumping slowly, listening to his soft moans because he was deep and thick today, and I felt more full than I had in a long while. My orgasm rippled through me gently, quietly, but left me hornier and more sensitive than when we had started.

When he finally came he stayed hard for while while we petted and murmured at each other. Today is going to be the last day for a while.


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omg though

the man the myth the legend

i keep saying oh my god oh my god oh mygod


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There’s a spot

Sometimes if his cock fills me at just the right angle there seems to be place made for the head of his cock.

It’s like he settles into place and I can ride him as hard and fast as I want without him slipping out. The difference is feeling him pump inside of me instead of just thrusting.

I’m not entirely sure what that special position is, but I know I’ve found it when my pussy gushes and my entire body gets warm and my clit throbs and I just want to rub myself all over him.

I’ll spread my legs even wider for him then, because spreading myself makes my pussy and pelvis tighter and wetter.


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This is how you fuck a girl.

Did you see how she flushed all over when she came? Beautiful.

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I’m finding the more I fuck the more sensitive I get. Certain things arouse me much more than they used to. I suppose that’s conditioning for you.

My neck, back and shoulder blades, fingers, legs, pelvis, especially. They’ve always been sensitive for what they are but now when special attention is made I get that much more aroused.

I wonder if other people experience this change.


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I AM THE 1%.
I didn’t know that was a weird thing. Awesome.



I AM THE 1%.

I didn’t know that was a weird thing. Awesome.

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»When you wake up with arms around you and a boner against your ass.

Morning sex.


What I don’t understand is why people treat sex like it’s something that hasn’t been happening since the beginning of time.

Sex is not new.


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I like it when

He kisses my back

tickles me just enough to make me sensitive

sucks my neck

fingers me

puts my leg on his shoulder

kisses that sensitive dip in my pelvis

sucks my shaved pussy

presses my neck just barely to stop my breath

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Adding to my box. Pun intended.

I bought anal beads today. Partner wanted to come (hah) along for the hell of it so we perused the sex shop and amused the girl dressed like Alex from Clockwork Orange with our comments.

If I get more toys I may have to designate a box with a lock to hide everything in. I’d feel better that way anyway.

So continue my adventures into anal love.

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I Can’t But I

Even though I have a hard time being vocal during sex when I manage to do it somehow arouses me further as well as him. Something about hearing myself sort of detaches me mentally from the whole experience, which sounds a bit backwards but I do love that floaty feeling.

One time we were fucking in the dorm showers (Getting ready to), which echo. I never realize that I moan when he enters me until that moment I heard myself echo as he sunk into me. It was the most arousing (and at the time terrifying since we didn’t want to ANNOUNCE what was going on) hearing myself be aroused.

Call it narcissism. I guess I’m still learning the effects of sound as part of the sensory experience that is sex.


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